It's easy fun time to do your part!

Track the carbon footprint of your spending, discover sustainable alternatives and reduce your impact.

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It's easy fun time

to do your part !

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Track the carbon footprint of your spending, discover sustainable alternatives and reduce your impact

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Track the footprint of your spending in real-time

Only what’s measured can be changed!

By linking your payment accounts to mympact, you can track the Co2e emissions of your purchases automatically.

Find sustainable alternatives in all areas of life

Every decision matters.

Reduce your emissions by consuming with the over 200 eco-friendly brands verified on our platform.

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Take action and do your part

Start small and adopt new habits.

Start your personal journey and take meaningful climate action to reach your goals in areas that matter to you.

Join a community on a journey

Everything is better together.

Get inspired by your peers, join challenges and share your progress.


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Track the footprint of your spending in real-time

Only what’s measured can be changed!

By linking your payment accounts to mympact, you can track the Co2e emissions of your purchases automatically.

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Take action and do your part

One app is all you need to get started!

Reduce your emissions by switching to more eco-friendly brands and learn which of your actions matter.

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Challenge yourself and your friends

We are all in this together!

Get inspired by your peers, participate in challenges and share your experiences.

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Go one step further and remove carbon from the atmosphere

Reducing is key, but unavoidable emissions are still a reality.

Support projects that remove carbon out of the atmosphere to reach your emission targets.

Organisations that help us empower your climate action!

Start doing your part right now!

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Questions & Answers

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mympact is the companion on your sustainability journey. We help you track the CO2-footprint of your purchases, find the best sustainable alternatives and other ways to reduce your emissions and find ways to live more sustainably.

Everyone needs to do their part, including us individuals. We believe that embracing sustainability doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Instead, even small changes can make a significant impact. We founded mympact because we want to help you live your most sustainable life. We aim to empower each other as companions on this journey and unlock the power of collective action.

Yes, governments and companies have big roles to play in our fight against climate change. But that doesn’t let us off the hook! Especially as a collective our choices have huge potential. Consumers can impact over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Ivanova et al., 2016). And, especially by receiving instant feedback on their footprint, research shows that the average consumer can reduce their emissions by 5-25% (Jones and Kammen, 2011) (Moran et al, 2018).

You can find us on the iOS and Play Stores across Europe. The connection of your bank account is enabled in Germany & Austria. If you are living elsewhere and looking to use mympact, let us know! 😉

Your footprint is determined based on your transactions. Why transactions? Because every transaction we make has an environmental impact. Whether it’s purchasing bread or filling up a tank of gas, every action contributes to emissions. That’s why tracking transactions is the most precise way to measure your footprint. With mympact, you can have your transactions tracked automatically by safely and securely connecting your payment accounts to the app. Each transaction is then categorized by our partner, Greenly. They have integrated thousands of emission factors from government publications and LCA dashboards into their database. After categorization, each transaction is assigned a CO2e value and seamlessly integrated into our app. Want more information? Check them out here! And don’t worry, in case this seems like too much work, you can also manually add your transactions or get an approximation of your footprint with our survey.

The answer to the first part of the question lies in both convenience and precision. By connecting your payment accounts, the mympact app can automatically and in real time track your CO2e footprint. This automated process ensures that every transaction is accounted for, providing you with a more accurate overview of your footprint than any other method. You can have peace of mind knowing that your footprint is being tracked comprehensively and with precision. All of your data is protected, from the initial contact with tink, to saving it on local servers in Germany. Every step of the way is up to the highest safety standards, with authorization, encryption and anonymisation guaranteeing data security along the way. For more information on your data security, check out following link. 

Your data security is one of our highest priorities. All your data is encrypted and stored locally on servers in Germany. Whenever we need to interact with a third party, such as Greenly for calculating your emission equivalents, we ensure that the data is transmitted in a way that makes it impossible to verify its ownership. Rest assured that we do not share your data with any third party unless you explicitly give us permission to do so. Anyone who wants to interact with your data needs to pass the highest level of authentication standards. All potential interactions and their details are transparently presented in our privacy policy. Alternatively, for further details on our data security policy you can also check out our three pillars of data safety.

Yes, although in our opinion it only is half as much fun! You can always add every transaction you make manually, or calculate your footprint roughly using our survey. Additionally, you can explore our wide range of sustainable brands, actions, and blogs, allowing you to work on developing sustainable habits and discovering environmentally-friendly brands even without knowing your precise footprint.

Currently, mympact does not have the ability to track the precise details of your individual purchases. Instead, the footprint calculation is based on a bucket method. Transactions are categorized into over 100 buckets, with each category assigned a carbon equivalent based on the purchase price. This method provides a 70% accuracy in estimating your carbon footprint. While this may seem low, it is still the most precise method out there, as it helps identify areas where you have the greatest negative impact, allowing you to focus on reducing emissions in those specific areas. To enhance precision, the mympact app offers options to specify your purchases more accurately, enabling you to refine the initial emission estimation. It’s important to note that mympact is actively working on developing a method to measure your carbon footprint based on individual product-level data. This advancement will provide a more accurate representation of your actual emissions in the future.

We firmly believe that individual climate action should be accessible to everyone. That’s why the mympact app is free for unlimited usage. Our revenue is generated through collaborations with sustainable partners featured on the app, enabling them to distinguish themselves in a market where greenwashing is becoming increasingly prevalent as a marketing tactic.

The best way to use mympact is to first identify the areas where you generate the highest emissions. Then, learn how you can modify your spending habits in those areas and explore ways to further reduce your emissions by making changes in different aspects of your life. To begin, connect your payment accounts and explore the wide range of sustainable alternatives available in the areas you wish to improve. You’ll be surprised by the amount of sustainable options available to you. Additionally, explore our suggested actions to cultivate sustainable habits and challenge yourself to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Lastly, remember to invite your friends to embark on this journey with you. It’s always more enjoyable when you have others who can inspire you and whom you can inspire in return!

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"What we do makes a difference and we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make."

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