42 Sustainable Shopping Brands and Eco Stores from Germany you Need to Know About!

Shopping can be a huge burden on the environment. Luckily, these 42 sustainable shopping brands and eco stores offer you the possibility to continue buying things while being more sustainable in the process!

Everyone needs to buy things. If you want to live in a certain level of comfort, then you will need to sooner or later go shopping. Unfortunately, this can have severe consequences on our environment. There are, however, vast differences in where you buy what, with some stores, both online and offline, being significantly more sustainable than others.

Finding them and especially being able to circumvent the vast amount of greenwashing going on nowadays can be a challenge. With too little time to really do enough research, knowing which store is sustainable and which isn’t can be tough. Luckily, we have selected 42 different sustainable shopping brands and eco stores from a wide range of different areas, so that you can continue to shop while being more sustainable in the process!


Everdrop was founded in Munich in 2019 and produces innovative, sustainable, and stylish household products & natural cosmetics. The product range includes household products as well as natural cosmetics called the NATURAL CARE line. Instead of regularly buying new bottles and going to the grocery store, check out their subscription models for a fair and convenient experience and make your washing process more sustainable!


Method is a soap and detergent producer, which is B Corp certified. They focus on creating environmentally friendly soap, which is also cradle-to-cradle and PETA certified. On top of that, all their products are tested on Humans, not on animals. 

M. Moustache

M. Moustache is a French shoe brand launched in 2012, with the ambition of shaking up the shoe market by offering unique and fair shoe alternatives. Not only does M. Moustache offer a range of funky looking, hip shoes, but each pair is also sustainable!


Allbirds is a New Zealand-American footwear and apparel manufacturer. They measure the carbon footprint of every product they sell, disclose all the materials they use and all the targets they aim to achieve, maintaining a high transparency towards their customers. On top of that, they have published their product carbon footprint calculator for other brands. Oh and have we mentioned, their products look pretty cool as well!


Virón is a Parisian footwear label which produces vegan shoes with peta certified materials, recycled rubber and as little virgin material as possible. Produced in the European Union, Virón is committed to supplying you with ethical footwear in a transparent manner. If you are looking for contemporary vegan shoes, check them out.


VEJA is a sneaker company that was founded in 2005 with the goal of creating sneakers in a more socially and environmentally responsible way. The company uses organic cotton from Brazil and Peru for its canvas and laces, and Amazonian rubber for its soles. VEJA also incorporates innovative materials made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester into its products. The company’s sneakers are produced in high-standard factories in Brazil, and part of its logistics are managed by Log’ins, a company that promotes professional and social inclusion.


Founded in 2012, Baserange creates modern, minimalist clothing with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes. The design and the natural and recycled materials are made to withstand time. If you are into timeless classics, Baserange is the perfect match for you! The brand is committed to reducing its environmental impact and working with suppliers who share its values while working closely with innovative vendors to develop high quality textiles.

Embassy of Brinks and Logs

Embassy of Bricks and Logs is a contemporary fashion outerwear brand with high aesthetic and ethical standards. The brand was launched in 2015 in Berlin, where the items are designed today. You should definitely try out their jackets since they also produce in China in smaller, familial factories with good working conditions to support local labor there. 


HUNDHUND is a Berlin-based creative studio dedicated to crafting clothes with an environmental and social focus, founded in 2016. If you shop at HUNDHUND, you are guaranteed price transparency, with a breakdown of costs and their own markup. They do this for you to maximize value and fairness for their customers.

Paloma Wool

Launched in 2014 and based in Barcelona, Paloma Wool’s colorful and offbeat womenswear and menswear line celebrates the beauty of simplicity, an ethos supported by sustainable production practices. On top of that they produce locally in Spain. 

Honest Basics

Honest Basics is a Berlin-based fashion brand aiming to make sustainable clothing accessible to everyone. They produce quality basics that fit everyone at low prices, while constantly improving the sustainability of their products and supply chain. The group behind Honest Basics used to be working in fast fashion companies, where their view on fashion changed, leading them to start building their own, sustainable clothing brand.


Kleiderei is a clothing rental and swap service born in Germany. The concept enables you to choose a variety of different clothing items for a monthly fee. In case you want to keep something, you can buy the item directly from Kleiderei. By incentivizing consumers to share clothes and purchase less, they foster a circular economy and produce less waste. 


Folkdays is a Berlin-based brand for contemporary fair trade design and fashion, founded in 2013. The store offers sustainable jewelry, accessories, interior products and garments from independent artists, small family businesses or local fair trade organizations. Most of the products are hand made throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. You want to support local production across the world? Check out what Folkdays has to offer. 

Homage Berlin

Homage Berlin is a concept store based in Berlin. They focus on independent designers who either produce small quantities themselves or they cooperate with workshops and tailors. Sustainability to them means aesthetics, functionality, durability and the responsibility for a minimal ecological footprint. 

MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans designs and produces circular denim wear by using organic and recycled cotton. They produce regionally, offer leasing agreements for their jeans, take them back, upcycle and recycle them to new jeans and they are one of the world’s first B Corps. 


Made Out Of Trash – this is MOOT, a Berlin-based clothing brand that produces 100% upcycled garments made out of local textile waste. They produce locally and share the cost breakdown of their garments, proving that their margins are significantly lower compared to industry averages. Instead of buying new garments, check out their upcycled options first!


Dedicated is a Swedish fashion brand which uses 100% certified organic cotton, 100% recycled polyester as well as other sustainable fabrics. They value transparency and want to create ethical and sustainable clothes for you – be it t-shirts, socks or jackets. Looking for basics or a good, durable jacket? Check them out.

Degree Clothing

Degree Clothing is a young fair fashion label from Augsburg, Germany. Everything is produced locally in Germany or Portugal. The products are uncompromisingly environmentally friendly and fair, and are made from ecologically grown cotton. The Degree crew includes a constantly growing group of extreme sports enthusiasts, young artists, and progressive musicians.


FTC – short for Fair Trade Cashmere, is a family owned fashion brand producing all sorts of cashmere products from sweaters to blankets. The company uses 100% fair trade cashmere, seacell cashmere and on top of that they also upcycle any yarn leftovers. 

Jungle Folk

Jungle Folk creates classic, wearable, and sustainable fashion for women. Produced in the urban and rural areas of Latin America, Jungle Folk uses only certified organic materials under fair working conditions. 


Lanius is a German, family-owned and certified organic fashion label. Not only do they use organic cotton, but their vegan line is also PETA-approved. Founded 20 years ago, they have been improving their sustainability and ethics practices ever since. Looking for a cool new brand for your next clothing purchase? Check them out!


Unown is a German fashion brand making clothing that lasts long. Their philosophy is 60/40, meaning that we should have 60% basics that work with everything and 40% statement pieces. 


Ecoalf is a Spanish apparel producer, which focuses on changing the paradigm of the (fast) fashion industry. They create timeless pieces, which are made out of recycled materials such as for example fishing nets. 


Lionheart is a German swimwear label producing sustainable bikinis and swimsuits. They use econyl and recycled polyester, all produced ethically in either Indonesia or even Berlin! They are all about transparency and have published their margin and costs online. 


Habitus is a German e-commerce platform selling upcycled goods from selected designers and their own in-house brand. The majority of products you can find there, be it clothing, accessoires or furniture, are unique. Due to the nature of upcycling, the products curated are made out of very limited leftovers. 


Depop is a platform for second hand apparel. Headquartered in London, Depop has been around for some years already and fosters a more circular use of clothing by giving them a second or third or forth life! Looking for cool second hand pieces? Check them out. 

Avocado Store

Avocado store is an online marketplace for eco-fashion and green lifestyle. The shop features over 900 different brands and has been online since 2010. Their criteria on how they select brands for you are transparently communicated via their homepage. 

Vintage Revivals

Vintage Revivals is a German contemporary second hand store with different locations across Germany. Their mission is to give old garments a new life and create on-trend looks for you. 

Bruna The Label

Bruna The Label is a sustainable jewelry brand from Austria. Their products are made with 100% certified silver and gold to ensure your jewelry is fair and sustainable. Their jewelry is guaranteed to last so you can reap the maximum use out of it. On top of that, they are climate neutral!


Fejn creates pure, modern, and timeless jewelry in their local atelier in Cologne, Germany. Fejn uses 100% recycled and certified 925 silver or pure recycled gold to ensure longevity and quality. 

Lilian Von Trapp

Lilian Von Trapp is a Berlin-based conscious jewelry brand. Each piece of jewelry is handmade from recycled materials by master goldsmiths within Germany. If you are looking for guaranteed fairness and timeless pieces, check out her broad variety of unique jewelry!

Jyoti Fair Works

Jyotii Fair Works is a German-Indian fair fashion label which produces socially and environmentally friendly apparel. You can read more about their producers in India, whom they guarantee fair working conditions. 


Mosch is an ecommerce store for sustainable gifts, home accessories, and lifestyle products. You can check out and read their sustainability selection criteria via their homepage. On top of that, they dispatch all of their orders with DHL GoGreen. 


Vinted is an online platform for second hand goods ranging from apparel to home decor. You can either upload your own products and prolong their lifespan or you can browse to their shop to find your new favorite pieces. 


Goodbuy is an online platform that sells sustainable products produced for impact not profit. They select products by making sure that they are good for you, the environment and people. Looking for a place where you can find a variety of sustainable products? Check out their online shop or physical store in Berlin!


Memolife is a German e-commerce store selling ecologically and socially sustainable products. They have been around for 30 years now and actually started off by selling recycled office supplies back in the 80s. Today, they supply you with any sorts of sustainable products. 


Monomeer is an e-commerce store specialized in products without plastic. They select their products carefully to bring the best plastic-free, organic, palm oil free and vegan products to you. 


Fairphone is a sustainable smartphone producer originally from the Netherlands. Their mission is to improve with every generation of smartphone by better sourcing and working conditions. They are B Corp certified and minimize e-waste by making their products long lasting and recyclable. 


Enroush is a femcare company producing pure period products made out of organic cotton. No dioxin, chlorine or bleaches – just clean and healthy pads, tampons and liners. Curious where to find appropriate femcare for yourself? Enroush might be the answer!


Rebuy is the leading platform in Europe for used electronic goods. They buy used electronic goods, repair, upcycle and sell them on their platform. Next time before you run to new electronic appliances, check out Rebuy’s website to see if they have the right product for you and save some emissions. Or turn the tables and send in your used appliances to give them a second life!


Grover is a German subscription service for electronic goods. You select the product you want to borrow for however long and Grover will cover 90% of the repairment costs! After your rental period is over, you can simply return the product for the next user. 


Founded in 2013 in Basel, Switzerland, Revendo sells used electronics. Their concept focuses on the reuse of Apple and Android products to keep devices circulating for longer. Revendo encourages you to reuse appliances and protect the nature and environment. Before you head out next time to buy new devices, browse through Revendo first. 

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