Be a Climate Warrior –  at Home

How small changes in your home life can lead to huge impacts in reducing climate change.

Often, when thinking about ways for individuals to combat climate change, the image people have in their head is of mass demonstrations and huge changes in lifestyle. These kinds of massive sacrifices of time and energy are incredibly daunting and often prevent people from actively trying to change.

That’s a shame, both because it prevents people from taking action and even more because it’s not true. We all can make a difference by making small changes to our everyday lives. And it all starts in a place where most of us spend the greatest part of our life: our homes. What is amazing is the sheer potential of CO2e savings that are possible to make within our role as home residents. Household emissions account for more than 20% of your total emissions, meaning that your role as a resident is one of the most crucial ones when it comes to saving CO2e.

But why do we produce so much CO2e at home and what steps can we take to counteract that?

When giving the matter some thought, it quickly becomes  clear why households produce such a large amount of CO2e. Basically every action taken in your home requires either electricity or water. From heating, to washing clothes, taking a shower or cooking, we need resources for almost everything. So what does this mean? Do we need to forgo the most basic forms of comfort at home in order to reduce CO2e emissions? Luckily, the answer is no. Areas where we produce a lot of CO2e are also the places where small changes can make the biggest difference.

Following these nine steps can help you save up to 1’682 kg of CO2e per year, which accounts for a whopping 15% of the entire footprint of an average German.

  1. Turn of the light when leaving a room
  2. Unplug all of your devices
  3. Recycle your waste
  4. Buy eco-friendly cleaning products
  5. Put a lid on pans when boiling water
  6. Run washing machines on eco mode
  7. Use water saving tap inserts
  8. Reduce the heating by a couple of degrees
  9. Choose renewable energy sources

And there are many more simple ways beside the ones listed!

Unsure on how to choose renewable energy sources or which cleaning products are eco-friendly? Check out our sustainable alternatives on the app!! Skeptic if you can remember to unplug your devices or turn off the lights when leaving the room? Join a mympact challenge and push yourself to not forget!

We are here to help you make these positive changes to your life. And remember, none of us is perfect! Having an off day is part of the journey. It is better if everyone does 10% instead of a few of us doing 90%. So don’t be too harsh on yourself, keep trying and then we can and will make a difference!

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