We want to empower everyone to do their part in the fight against climate change.

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our generation and generations to come. Almost all of us know this! But this awareness does not trigger enough action. Personal sustainability is complex and people feel lost on their journey to meaningful individual climate action

Private consumption contributes to over 70% of global CO2 emissions. Every time we buy something, we are casting a vote for a more or less sustainable future. Our choices make a difference! A difference that goes beyond shrinking one person’s carbon footprint as it has an influence on the behavior of people around you.

To achieve the system change that is needed in our fight against climate change, we as individuals need to use our power and shift our consumption to more sustainable options.

Our mission is to unlock the CO2 emission reduction potential of individuals to avoid over 10b tons of CO2 emissions by making personal impact visible and promoting the switch to sustainable alternatives.

This is why we are building mympact.

Sustainable options that, in many life areas, already exist and we are occasionally using them. All we need to do is make these right choices more consistently and increase our demand for sustainable products & services. That way, we will support the greatest companies out there and all the others will be incentivized to change.

We believe that doing your part does not need to be hard, but it is time to do it now! Mympact allows you to connect your payment accounts, track the CO2 emissions of your spending and discover personalized actions and sustainable alternatives across all life areas.

We are committed to making it as easy as possible to take control over your personal climate action. Today, tomorrow and for our future!

Our vision is to become the leading app for personal sustainability where people track, understand and reduce the CO2 emissions of their actions and motivate others to do the same.

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Sustainability as a value driver

Living today means that we have to face the consequences of climate change. Overcoming this actually marks the biggest challenge of our time and we want to emphasize how important it is to have climate targets, be it individual or collective. Every action taken makes a difference.

Sustainability and climate change are complex and involve many different actors. To undergo an effective sustainable transformation, we believe that it has to be holistic, across industries and it has to involve everyone. 

One key aspect of reaching our climate targets and undergoing a holistic transformation is behavioral change. Everyday we make choices – be it indirect or direct – and each one of them has an impact on the environment. The more consistent we become at making better choices, the bigger our contribution.

Changing our behavior can happen in many different ways, but  one of the starting points is called reduction. Reducing consumption and unsustainable lifestyle choices starts with re-thinking what we do, why we do it and whether we have to do it. 

Reducing means also staying away from things we don’t really need in our daily life. It is all about keeping our habits and purchases simple, which also means that we might skip a trip or a gift. We ourselves are committed to doing it this way within our company!

There is always a greener option. We believe that companies, which are doing the right things, should be supported. Living sustainably should become the easy option for everyone – and we are committed to make this our new reality.

Caring for the environment means also caring for the people surrounding you. We are all working towards the same mission and want to ensure that everyone benefits from fair working conditions and equal opportunities.

Every single one of us has a strong commitment to fighting climate change and improving yourself. As we grow, we really want to make others commit to the same goal, be it in our company or in our community.

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