Voting for a Greener World

Demonstrating can make a difference!
Why we as citizens have a crucial role to play in shaping the way our government looks and how to do that.

Remember our first “Every Action Matters” post? We wrote that while companies and governments produce a big chunk of CO2e emissions, we individuals have as much of a role to play when it comes to reducing our carbon emissions. This is true, but it doesn’t mean that governments and companies aren’t crucial in our fight against global warming. 

The only thing is that when talking about the way governments can influence a positive change it starts not in some elected officials office but with us and our role as a citizen.

A recent study examining the climate responsibility associated with elections comes to the conclusion that emissions per voter are roughly double the number of emissions per capita. Germany’s emissions per actual voter are 20t CO2e, whereas their emissions from consumption equal around 11t CO2e per person.

This implies a simple but essential fact: it is our responsibility in our role as citizens to shape our governments in a way that ensures climate friendly policies are adopted.

There are abundant ways to do that. As voters, we have the power to decide who is elected to our government, what kind of policies are adopted and in which ideological direction our countries will move. As activists, we can put pressure on our government to hear our collective voices and make the changes necessary to combat climate change. As citizens, we can even run for office to ensure that we can take direct influence on government policies.

The only thing we shouldn’t do? Stay inactive.

So wherever you are, don’t forget to stay informed, spread your word, get involved in political discussions and decisions and most importantly, turn your concerns into votes.

Together we can shape our government! 

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